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Curriculum Vitae OF
Emiliano Bruni

(last updates November 09, 2005)

Legal notes

Some of the information below is defined as sensitive under the terms of italian law n. 675 of December 31, 1996 and later modification. Their being show here does not imply any authorization to their use. Anyone whishing to extract, archive or in any way use the following information (for non personal use, see Art.3) is required to contact me asking for authorization.

General Information

First name:   Emiliano
Last name:   Bruni
Address:   Via San Rocco, 19 - Controguerra (TE)
Fiscal code:   BRN MLN 69L21 H769R
Partita IVA:   01049290677
Current employment:   Research and developement manager of Micso S.r.l., an italian I.S.P


I'm a software developer and a network specialist engaged for over ten years in informatic world. Indeed, since 1989, I design and develop solutions in Unix and Windows environment. Since the same period, I install and configure local and geographical area networks based on TCP/IP protocol with CISCO certification, leader company in router and switch equipment, having obtained, in 1998, the qualification of "Cisco certified associate designs". I used all CISCO products from small router of the 800 series to Catalyst 6500 until routers of 7200 series.

I'm a expert in network security with the installation and configuration of many firewall solutions "Linux Iptables" and "CISCO PIX firewall" based

I'm qualified since 1994 near the RIPE and the Network Italian Center for the registration of second level domains under the it ITLD. Since 1995 I'm qualified near Network Solutions of second level domains under the "Internet Top Level Domain (ITLD)" com net org and edu.

Since November 1999 I'm registered in the italian registry of individual firm as a computer science adviser.

Since 2000 I'm a member of Teramo Linux Users Group (TeLUG) and founder, in 2002, of relative association.

Since 2004 I'm a member of cultural association Metro Olografix in Pescara.

Since 2005 I'm a member of computer science adviser association.

Since 2005 I'm a vice-president of Teramo Linux Users Group (TeLUG).

Being my company, an ISO 9001/2001 certified company, I'm accustomed in using of job flows standard and in using of all element of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model that is to establish objects, to give  performance, to monitor and to measure the processes, the products, the services and to adopt actions in order to improve in continuous way the performances of flows.

I have a very good knowledge in these computer languages: Visual Basic 6/.NET, Python , C#, Perl, PHP4, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML 3.2., Javascript, VBScript, DHTML,CSS. I'm a develeper of may opensource projects available, as an example, on CPAN or on

I regulary use for my projects revisioning systems like CVS and Subversion.

I correctly use and development on all the products of the package Microsoft Office 97 and 2000. I have a excellent knowledge of Linux, Windows, 95, 98, NT, 2000, Millenium. I know very well the TCP/IP on which is based the entire structure of transmission of INTERNET and the application protocols for the most diffuse services (pop3, smtp, HTTP, ftp, etc...).

I worked with several equipment in 802.11b/g and HyperLan for the creation of public area for navigation with WiFi technology (HotSpot). I partecipated in creation of many Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks with point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems to give broadband connectivity where not direcly asserved by xDSL technology.

I know and use  vary dynamic routing protocols as OSPF, EIGRP and BGP having managed for many years the Autonomous System of my company.

I worked on several products for audio and video streaming as Windows Media Server or the coupled ffmpeg/ffserver.

I installed, configured and used vary equipments in VoIP technology.


I was graduated from high school from "liceo scientifico statale di Nereto (TE)"  with 54/60.

I was graduated and have achieved the bachelor in physics near the university of Bologna with the score of 110/110 with top marks  (cum laude) with discussion of a thesis about the "experimental verification of one-way light speed" with reporter prof. Silvio Bergia and president prof. Antonio Zichichi.

Course, seminaries and qualifications:

In July 1996 I took part to a course organized by the consortium ITALIA.COM in Bologna about the protocol TCP/IP, protocols of net and systems security.

In July 1996 I took part to a course organized by the consortium ITALIA.COM in Bologna about the rules of registration of the INTERNET damains in the second level under the ITLD it and com near the register autority of competence.

In the beginning of 1997 I took part to a course organized by ESA Software in Rimini about the development and creation of modules in Visual Basic for OpenFrame software.

In June 1997 I took part to a course organized by Istituto Zooprofilattico of Teramo about security in job (D.Lgs 626/94).

In November 1998 I succeeded in testing for the qualification of "Cisco Certified Associate Designs" and, like such, I'm therefore qualified to development and installation of local of networks with Cisco equipments.

In January 2001 I took part to a course organized by ESA Software in Rimini about the development and creation of modules in Visual Basic for their package e/.

Working activities and experiences:

[--- Next paragraphs have not been checked after Babelfish traslation ---]

Dal september 1995 al January 1997 has been founding associate, general executive manager and responsible only della management della given structure of transmission, connettività and services INTERNET della Tercom S.r.l, first Internet Service Provider risen in province of Teramo. To the inside of this society they are occupied to me moreover of:

management of serveur DNS, the routing and the serveur of e-mail, proxy, news, tacacs and ftp;

configuration and installation to the user of the communication software and navigation of the net for the systems operated to you Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Unix, MAc, OS/2 and Amiga;

programming oriented to the applications in Internet in Perl, Java, 3,0 HTML and Visual Basic;

assemblage of compatible computers IBM.

From July 1996 to june 1997 I have lend service near the data processing center computer center ofthe Zooprofilattico Institute Experiences them "G. Caporale" of Teramo with the assignment of operator of net assigned to the realization, through I use it of the Visual Basic 4,0, of a client-serveur software for the program of eradicazione of the stiff Bovine Contagious Pleuropolmonite to I use of database a cetralized ORACLE in which the several one client it installs to you in the national I.Z.S. can pour the information from they recorded on the PPCB. During this period moreover they are occupied me, for the I.Z.S., of the following activities:

installation and configuration:

of a serveur news for the inner circulars to the institute;

of a coupled serveur proxy to the plan "Caching Proxy" of the G.A.R.R. in collaboration with the Cineca;

of reflector a Cu-SeeMe for the management of teleconference and telelavoro on the inner LAN to the institute.

Configuration and installation of several router 2503 Cisco and Cisco 4000 in the within of the informatizzazione plan, via ISDN, of the ULSS veterinaries of the Abruzzi and the Molise.

Realization of software "copy for dates", program used from the unit of documentation of the I.Z.S. in order to carry out of the copies of backup increases them of arches photographic of the reports veterinaries to you.

Realization of software "DAM" (Given Acclimatizes them Navy) for the rescue and the export of coming from data from withdrawals of money of water champions you execute yourself near the foce of the rivers. The program running is used beyond that from the section of marine Biology of the Tower of Cerrano also from the Lazio region and the Emilia-Romagna region.

Realization of software "TERMO" used to the inside of the I.Z.S. for the recording and the press of certifys you of calibration of the thermometers and spectrometers of the institute

Formation of the personal inside to the CED approximately the most modern evolutions of the technologies of the Internet and on uses of software, with particular reference to that one for the creation of pages WEB.

From January 1997 to you open them 1997: Delta has collaborated with the Study s.a.s realizing during that period:

Their serveur web, let alone a serveur proxy and one automated procedure for the activation of the user and the relative cases of e-mail

A system of electronic commerce for the situated one ofthe Saca Company s.n.c.

One procedure for the reception, the elaboration and the putting on linens of the inner circulars of the FAITA: Federation of the Italian associations of the Tourist-receptive complexes of the open Air.

From you open them 1997 I carry out the role of administrator of net near the Micso S.r.l., society that is taken care of services to the companies and professionals in the within of managerial software, maintenance park blots of it and structuring and wiring of solutions of nets LAN based on protocol TCP/IP. The Micso Limited liability company is also Internet Service regularly enrolled Provider to the national registry of the provider.

From November 1999 they are enrolled in the registry of the sole proprietors them like computer science adviser.

In February 2000 they have been responsible and supervisor of the jobs of given restructure of the net of fonia and that he has been involved the headquarters them and all the peripheral centers of the Abruzzi and the Molise of the Zooprofilattico Institute Experience them "G. Caporale" of Teramo.

Dal July 2001 to june 2002 has been computer science adviser near the Regional Agency for the Ambient Protection dell' dell' Abruzzi and del Molise.

From the July of the 2003 they are responsible of the unit development and networking of the Micso S.r.l.

In January 2004 I have analyzed, developed and installed a system of apparatuses in WiFi technology for the creation of one net of hotspot Italian. Contextually I have created a system of backoffice web-based for the management, accountingg and the billing of this net that currently (November 2004) counts 40 hotspot active and e' managed from the fifth operator of national technology wireless.

In January 2005 I have shaped and managed the apparatuses of Core of a ring in fiber optic and the apparatuses of distribution layer for an operator of telephony and regional services. Of these apparatuses they made part catalyst of family 6500, of the router of family 7200, some PIX several firewall and you vary serveur for the management of the services of VoIP, VOD, videoconferenza, systems of videosorveglianza and systems of monitoring of the quality of the air.


In May 2001 they have been teaching near the center of the C.N.A. of Pescara of a course of general computer science for adults from the title it: "Windows 98 Slight knowledge, I use of the Office package 2000 and navigation in INTERNET".

in May 2001 I have held a course near the I.Z.S. of Teramo from the title it: "Programming advanced in Perl and techniques of realization applied to you web-based".

In December 2001 I have held a seminary in occasion of the LinuxDay svoltosi to Teramo from the title it "To base the emergency of the net on a free S.O.. The Linux firewall "

In December 2002 I have held a series of conferences dealing the opensorce for Public Administration, the operating system Linux and the Iptables firewall.

In December 2002 I have participated to a round table in occasion of the Linuxday svoltosi  near the University of Chieti in which I have told my experience with the operating system Linux and the products opensource

In July 2003 I have held a course near the CODEMM of Atessa for specialist of systems of telecommunicationses; the 07/11/2002 managing determination n. DL 10/87/P2 of Axis C Measure 3 Action 3

From October 2003 to February 2004 I have held a course near the Commercial Technical Institute them and for Programmatori "R. de Sterlich" of Chieti in quality of tutor to the inside of the plan of formation of the tutor you drained TIC to us C

In November 2003 they have been reporter to the inside of the third seminary of the program of formation to support of the tutors To and B ForTIC with an participation on the instruments opensorce for the net.

In December 2003 I have held a seminary in occasion of the LinuxDay svoltosi near the Zooprofilattico Institute Experiences them of Teramo from the title it "There' s More Than One Way To Do It. From the bases of the Perl to the CPAN"

From February to May 2004 I have held a course near the CODEMM of Atessa to the inside of the program of I use of the nets data transmissions like opportunity of job U.R.T.O.

In August 2004 I have held a seminary on "WebGUI, a content management system for all", inside the manifestation  "Metro Olografix Camp (MOCA)".

In November 2004, in occasion of the LinuxDay svoltosi near the Zooprofilattico Institute of Teramo , has held a seminary on WebGUI, a content management system for all.

In June 2005 I have participated to Italian Perl Workshop 2005 in Pisa, where I have introduced a conference with title: HTML::Template module as a bridge between web designer and programmer.



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