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From the history of the Net... my more ancient email (but not the first one:)

How I do not have my true first email sended on the net? Because it is explained by this it is the first the mail I have saved:

From Sat Apr 13 00:51:36 1996
Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 00:51:35 +0100 (GMT+0100)
From: Emiliano Bruni <>
Subject: O MIO DIO!!!!!!!!!!!
Message-ID: <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: TEXT/PLAIN; charset=US-ASCII
Status: O

Unfortunately in a moment not specified of the night of the 12/4 serveur that it manages the ENTIRE services of the dominion 
in the physical shape of one 2 HD SCSI II of GByte e' died without to leave 
nobody possibilita' of recovery of the data in it contained.

Although we had one beautifulst joined of TAPE from 4 Gbyte it not 
it had been never used so that 6 months of job of the undersigned is 
gone lost: ~ (

Serveur web, customers, majordomo, script in Perl and c++, and who piu' has some 
piu' he puts some.

In this moment I have red-establish the logon of the serveur through one 
temporary disc EIDE from 850 kbyte and within tomorrow morning I would have 
_ riattivare the serveur web with the 90% of the its content (the only two 
consolations are that the greater part of the pages web of my situated one 
they were also on an other computer and that the disc e' still in garanzia:(

In order to avoid tails on the feed of the news that, seen the esiguita' of the disc I have 
supplied not to install, I pray Cristina to interrupt, if it thinks it 
necessary, the feed of the news towards my situated one.

For the reactivation I contact her.


Bruni Emiliano
TERCOM S.r.l. <- I lost my signature too:(((((((((((

Therefore I cannot make other that to entrust me to antecedent the net in order to try to trace mine mail to the disaster. My found again older email in the dark side of the net directed to the list of Italian argument of postmaster POSTMITA. The mail it is sended do not give mine puts into effect them address of mail but from the MYTHICAL one "", a name that the old navigators of TERAMO cannot have forgotten. Goodness knows where they are saves those previous ones to you?


Date: Mon, 6 Nov 1995 14:41:53 +0100
Reply-To: Emiliano Bruni <bruni@VANGOGH.TERCOM.IT>
Sender: GARR Italian Postmasters <POSTMITA@NIS.GARR.IT>
From: Emiliano Bruni <bruni@VANGOGH.TERCOM.IT>
Organization: GARR-NIS - Pisa (Italy)
Subject: ISP against juke mail

They are perfectly of agreement with Piero Serini.
Other agency of control is not up sure to the Garr or no of
prescribed net of the behavior scorretto to the level customer.
Such regulation e' and goes made the level of the ISP. To they and only to
they customers go exposed to the behavior scorretto of someone they and are
to they to only decide the endorsements to operate that they can and they must
to catch up, in the case of recidivita' of the indicted customer
suspension of the logon to the Net.

Rules of behavior go therefore inserted to level of management of
ISP in the sense that if a customer comes "radiato" from Internet from one part
serveur Provider for demonstrates reasons to you, goes to it denied the access also
from part of all the other ISP.

On Mon, 6 Nov 1995, Piero Serini wrote:

> Hello.
> Quoting from Andrea Cerioli (Mon Nov 6 09:31:02 1995):

> To this point, I see like possible one solution extremely
> simple, but that it demands a great sense of responsabilita' gives
> part of the ISP. Famous: not e' one new what, e' always made,
> but I do not know perche' seems that they give a little time has gotten lost
> the habit.
> * NOT * to POSTMITA, since except the postmaster of its
> provider, the others have very little to make.
> If the thing is repeated, creed that all the ISP have one clauso-
> in just contracted that it allows they to interrupt
> service to customers scorretti, ergo, cut the link.
> To this point (and only hour) I send mail to POSTMITA saying:
> Beloveds connect, in such date the TIZIO have made cio'. Although
> it it has been marked who cio' and deeply scorretto have it
> rifared. Eye therefore when the SUCH society comes to ask
> the link.
> Bye,
> --
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> < Piero@Free.IT > The 20136 Milan - ITALY

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