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Soluzione integrata di telefonia su internet a banda larga.
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Berry's phase. Quantus physics thesis
Connections in Italy
Extension of the communication relationships with the virtual reality
Firewall linux
Howto Qmail+checkpassword+Mysql+Spamcontrol+(E)SMTP auth+ucspi+daemontools
Linux firewall: IPTables suite
Linux. The birth of a penguin
My bachelor thesis.
Opensource software in the P.A.: the experience of the I.Z.S.A.M.
Streaming Howto
The netmask explained to my daughter
User manual of this site
Using mason to built a C.M.S.
Web servers and HTTP protocol
WebGUI, a C.M.S. for everybody.
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How to clone a Linux box using netcat
Quantum anomaly
Indice del documento
The netmask explained to my daughter
Where Telecom does not arrive, the wireless arrives.
Photos Gallery of radiofonic interview inside program "Codice Ribelle" - Page
Photos Gallery of wireless link from Pescara to Majella - Page
To abandon Telecom and live happy. Subtitle: VoIP.

Events to which i have partecipated

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I miei interventi ai Linuxday
LinuxDay 2003
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LinuxDay 2001
Photo gallery - Angelelli
Photo gallery - Emiliano
Photo gallery - Ercole
Photo gallery - Paolo
Photo gallery - People
Photo gallery - Pratesi
Trascrizione della conferenza: il firewall Linux
LinuxDay 2002
My relation
LinuxDay 2004
Streaming Howto
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La mia partecipazione al Metro Olografix Camp 2004
My talks at Micso Event
I miei interventi al Micso Event 2002

My personal infos

Attacco hacker alla server farm Micso S.r.l. 2004/12/03 - Analisi e soluzioni
Emiliano Bruni's Curriculum Vitae
From the history of the Net... my more ancient email (but not the first one:)
Tentativo di attacco al mio sito del 2004/12/26- Analisi e soluzioni
Accesso ad Erotica '96
Blonde piercinga
Blonde strip
Photos with dedication
The interviews with the pornostars of the EROTICA
The photographic album of Erotica ' 96
Valentine Demy's strip
NeoBox Home Theater. A DVD player for home
NeoBox Home Theater. A DVD player.
Neobox. A personal car computer.
Telug meetings. Gli incontri informali del Telug
Cena di saluto al 2001 - 28 dicembre 2001
To control a telescope with KStars

My software products

Commercial products
BugSonar.DLL - Aggiungere e rimuovere tutto
DBCodDescr - Controllo associato ai dati ADO Combo+Label combinati
BugSonar - Library for advanced debugging in VB
Dati Ambientali Marini - Introduzione
DocBrowserPlus - Software di archiviazione ottica dei documenti
E-Commerce Plus
EmiWizard - An ActiveX control to fast develope and build wizard forms
PHPLive! Monitor - A system tray utility for operators of PHPLive! chat system
System for diffusion of ambiental alarm - Area Industriale Termoli
Developer Area - ADP.DLL
Developer Area - LOCDATA.DLL
Developer Area - SERVTRACE.DLL
Il Protocollo PC <-> PLC
Il Sistema ADP
Software Freeware
ActiveX EmiCodAnno
Controllo ActiveX ComboBox a ricerca incrementale
EmiHtmpl.dll - Libreria per l'utilizzo di modelli HTML in ASP
EmiLib - Libreria di utilità per VB 5/6
EmiListBoxEx - Controllo ActiveX a ricerca incrementale
EmiMultiTextRow - Un controllo griglia con campi Text o ComboBox
EmiNBC ActiveX DLL (libreria per chiamate a metodi in modalità asincrona)
Libreria EmiLib - Note Informative sul suo utilizzo
Software OpenSource
I love wiki - An HTML to Wiki syntax converter
Perl Syntax highlighter
NeoBox Engine: A software engine for a carputer.
The CPAN module developed by me
Module Apache::Request::Redirect - An Apache mod_perl module to redirect url request.
Module Business::BancaSella - Internet Payment with credit cards using Banca Sella online system.
Module HTML::Puzzle - A framework to build web component based on database.
Module HTML::Template::Extension - Easily support for methods and tags not implemented in HTML::Template module.
Module Log::FileSimple - A simple tool to write messages and objects dump to log file.
WebGUI, a content management system for newbie. - A macro to execute SQL statements to external database.
WebGUI::DateTime: a replacement with no 1970 bug.
BlobViewer: a WebGUI Wobject to view binary data stored in BLOB fields.
GDWGraph: A Wobject to create graphs in WebGUI.
SQLEdit: a WebGUI Wobject.
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