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Commercial products

All products developed by me. It contains programs of varied kind. There are programs that space from web-based product for e-commerce, as an example, to standalone product for the optical recording of documents or the management of a multilevel and to visual controls (ActiveX Ocx) for several operations.

PHPLive! Monitor

PHPLive! Monitor is a system tray utility that enables PHPLive! operators, a web-based one-on-one chat assistance in real-time, to login and accept live customer support communication in a simply way without using a browser. >>
Last update: 01/07/2005 02:09

Digital archiviation

Very powerfull program for electronic acquisition and management of archives. Configurable with a script engine in a visual basic style. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35

EmiWizard ActiveX Control

You know that program users like wizards. To build them have not been funny like now. With this ActiveX you can fastly develope and use fantastic and great wizards for all your application. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35

BugSonar VB Add-in

A complete library for advanced debug for your applications developed in visual basic. It allows to release free bugs products completely protected by possible unexpected errors. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35


Product for management of human resource with multilevel philosophy. >>
Last update: 10/03/2003 00:58

E-commerce Professional Solution

A complete e-commerce solution. Support for multi language, multi currency and credit cards. With an advanced management of shipping expenses. Fully customized with usually WYSIWYG programs >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35

Alarm Diffusion Protocol

A software project for control and generatig of acustic and visual warning signal for industrial areas under biochemical risk. The software, wrote in visual basic 6,is based on Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ). >>
Last update: 10/12/2003 13:39

DBCodDescr ADO Ocx

ADO Activex control binding to data with asyncronous load of records. Union of a combobox for keys and a label for descriptions. The asyncronous load of data gives a fast response to all user inputs also with very big archives >>
Last update: 10/24/2003 22:30

Sea ambiental data

Product for sampling, analisys, reports and export to a format in compliance with the ministerial directives, of ambiental data sea. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35

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