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Software Freeware

Freeware software developed by me. Most of them are visual basic libraries (dll, ocx) that i've developed for my projects.

EmiLib Library

This library developed in Visual basic 5 have some utilities and classes develloped by myself while developing my projects. >>
Last update: 10/11/2003 20:41

EmiComboBoxInc ActiveX Control

This ComboBox differs from standard distribution control having the possibility to incremental search item linked with lists. >>
Last update: 10/11/2003 20:38

EmiNBC ActiveX Dll

Library developed to call, in visual basic, functions that aren't blocking, that is, technically spoken, to call function in asyncronous mode. >>
Last update: 10/17/2003 22:24

EmiMultiTextRow ActiveX Control

A grid control that embedded textbox and combobox controls. >>
Last update: 10/17/2003 22:24

Modulo di templating ASP EmiHtmpl

This library, derived like phylosophy from HTML::Template CPAN perl module, can be used to place placeholder, IF/THEN/ELSE construct, loop FOR inside your templates. This library is usually used in ASP to separate HTML code from ASP code. >>
Last update: 10/12/2003 12:54

EmiCodAnno ActiveX Control

ActiveX control to input values in the form incremental_number/year >>
Last update: 10/12/2003 12:53

EmiListBoxEx ActiveX Control

This ListBox is different from the one release with visual basec 6 for its possibilityto search incrementally items in the list. >>
Last update: 10/17/2003 22:24

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