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HTML::Puzzle::Format - Html section creator module


 use HTML::Puzzle::Format;
 # test internal DBTable access
 $fmtHtml = new HTML::Puzzle::Format(
                                      dbh       => $dbh,
                                      tablename => 'Test',
                                      filename  => 'templates/format.tmpl',
                                      opt_items => {
                                                    'section_title' =>
                                                    'PUZZLE Test'

 print $fmtHtml->html;


This module return text present in the body of an html template file using HTML::Template::Extension to replace placeholders present in it with dynamic text.

Dynamic text can be set using the opt_items parameter, the items parameter or internally using HTML::Puzzle::DBTable to retrive data from a db table.

The only required costructor property is the ``filename'' where you set the path of the html template to be used.

The html method open filename, set dynamic text and return body of template.

If opt_items is set with an hash ref every hash keys present is passed to param HMLT::Template method an so, for indeeed, if a tag <TMPL_VAR NAME=``test_key''> exists in the template, this tag and placeholder eventually present till <TMPL_VAR> is replaced with the relative hash value.

If ``dbh'' and ``tablename'' parameters are set respectivly to an active DBI handle and to a table object present in the database then hash_items method of an internally object istance of HTML::Puzzle::DBTable module is used to get all data available in table and return values are stored in the ``items'' property.

If ``items'' property is set (clearly set or from internal DBTable object) with an array ref of hash ref then this array is used to call HTML::Template param method so if, in the template, is present a <TMPL_LOOP NAME=``items''> tag all text between this and end tag </TMPL_LOOP> is duplicated many times as items array elements count. If, in the TMPL_LOOP tag are present TMPL_VAR tag named with an hash key present in the items element then, in every duplicated line of loop the tag TMPL_VAR tag is replaced with relative hash value.

You can alter items elements and structure before it's used to fill template with a filter parameter set to a code reference. This code is called by HTML::Puzzle::Format::html method and receive a reference to items array ref that you can modify before applied to template.


new ()

Create an instance of HTML::Puzzle::Format.

output ()

Return text present in filename file using %params hash to set TMPL_* parameters present in this template

html ()

Under costruction

items ()

Under costruction

filename ()

Under costruction

opt_items ()

Under costruction

filter ()

Under costruction


There is also two static constants: a DEBUG_FILE_PATH and a DEBUG constant that enable debug infos written on DEBUG_FILE_PATH file.

Debug is disable by default.


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