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The CPAN module developed by me

CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a large collection of Perl software and documentation. Here, there are all modules I developed and distributed by this archive.


Running under mod_perl, takes an HTTP browser request and redirect it practically unchanged to another site allowing navigation of remote site like it is local. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35


An HTML::Template child class in order to create plugins that extend its methods and tags. Default plugins add tags for comment, placeholder, sections selection. And you can build your preferred one. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35


Banca Sella is an italian bank istitute which offers an online payment system with credit card based on a SSL server. This CPAN module works as a wrapper for this online payment system >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35


An easy tool to create log files in your application. It's possible to log string messages, dump of objects and to filter what kind of messages to print and what not. >>
Last update: 12/30/2004 00:35


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