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Current version: 00.00.02/2004-05-26

This macro extends macro to execute query to an external database. You can also execute not-returning query like delete, insert and update.

It's forward compatible with SQL macro, so you can write something like this

^SQLExt("select count(*) from users","There are ^0; users on this system.");


But you can also write something like this

^SQLExt("select * from table1","^0;-^1;","external_database","db_username","db_password","remote_host");


If you have defined some databaseLink, you can use them too like this:

^SQLExt("select * from table1","^0;-^1;",1000)


where 1000 is the databaseLinkId.

The complete syntax of this macro is:







  • $sql_statement: is a standard SQL query to execute
  • $format: is the format for output result
  • $databaseLink: is the id of the databaseLink to use
  • $db_name: is the database name where to execute query
  • $db_user: is the username with permission to execute query
  • $db_pass: is the password related to username
  • $db_host: is the remote host where the database is located. If omitted, "localhost" is assumed.

To install it copy into lib/WebGUI/Macro/ Then open WebGUI.conf and append

    SQLExt => SQLExt


at the end of the macro section. If, as an example, last line is

    u => u_companyUrl


replace this with

    u => u_companyUrl, \
      SQLExt => SQLExt
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