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Soluzione integrata di telefonia su internet a banda larga.
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Where Telecom does not arrive, the wireless arrives.

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This document describes a plan of cover to wide band in geographic zones of the Italian territory where it is not present connettività of type ADSL through it I use of bridges radio in technology wireless. The distribution to the final customer comes rilasciata in WiFi modality through connections point-point with more close point of the ridge.


04/02/2006: Other photos under the Micso root of the radio bridge Micso <-> Majella.

02/02/2006: The radiofonic interview can be now listened in streaming to this URL:

You can listen it with a mp3 player with streaming support (mplayer, winamp, windows media player) by copying and pasting this URL or by dragging it into the program. The listening will start immediately without required to download all the 5.4 Mbyte of the audio file before to may listen.

28/01/2006: Other photos of the radio bridge. This time they are the Pescara side under the Micso root.

24/01/2006: Photos recorded during the radiofonic interview recorder in January 20th, 2004 inside the trasmission "Codice ribelle" of Radio Città Pescara.

24/01/2006: Radiofonic interview recorder in January 20th, 2004 inside the trasmission "Codice ribelle" of Radio Città Pescara. (mp3 of 5.4 Mbyte in italian language).

21/01/2006: Photos of the radio bridge Micso <-> Majella (31 km.).


Now it is a fact data. Many areas of our territory are cut outside from the computer science freeways to wide band and this places these territories in one strongly position disadvantage regarding the zones caught up from such service. The customers of these areas therefore are forced to lean to solutions alternatives that but do not assure of it one band of it cost equiparabili to those of one ADSL.

This status-quo that seemed irreversible has but endured a jolt most recent the law by decree that liberalizes I use it of technologies wireless in metropolitan within.

The company for which job, on the wake of this liberalizzazione, has put in field one proposed realizes in order to carry wide band in the common spovvisti of this service.

Characteristics of the service.

How they have been defined is made for the cover of an area with this service? The first phase is that one of the identification, on the territory, of an institutional subject, common usually the same one, decided to believe in this plan, to supply the buildings where to posizionare the apparatuses and the antennas and to give of visibility through directed communications to the citizens.

Antennas of ridge
Antennas of ridge

and for the distribution


© Micso S.r.l. 2005

One of the points of force of our solution is that no burden is demanded to the institutional subject. All the apparatuses necessary to carry the wide band to the inside of the communal territory and their maintenance are to our full load. This is a lot important in how much allows this solution to make immediate rubble the inside of the communal administration and to accelerate therefore the realization of the service, catching up in short time the citizen that is the final customer.

Once that has been identifies the buildings and infrastructures to you where to arrange the apparatuses, it comes realized the draft necessary to carry the wide band in the building on which they will come posizionate the antennas for the distribution on the territory to the final customers.

As far as the Internet band, if the territory already is enslaved from connettività of type HDSL, they will come taken in cargo a sure number of lines HDSL in connection with the number of previewed customers.

In case the common one completely is unprovided of whichever type of connettività to wide band, provvederà to transport the band from a zone limitrofa where it is present and to carry it through bridges radio in technology wireless HiperLan or WiFi through the 5.4 protocol 802.11a to Ghz with density of the maximum power to the escape of the antenna of 1 watt in order to remain to the inside of the enforced Italian norm.

The last phase is the installation of the antennas on the territory in order to cover the users that will have joined to the plan and their activation.

After all, the plan can here be outlined from the design under.

Esemplificativo outline of the plan

Source: - Copyright © Micso S.r.l. 2005

Services and costs.

Which services of connettività come supplied to the customer through this plan?

The private user obtains one logon to the Internet net continued 24 hours on 24 with a public IP address statically assigned and one bandwidth of 1280 Kbps in download and 1280 Kbps in upload.

Connect Box from outside for the final customer
Connect Box from outside for the final customer

Dimensions 18cm X 25cm X 12,5cm

Source: - Copyright © Micso S.r.l. 2005

Thanks to this type of connection which will be in a position to have using of of all the services offers from the net, as an example, navigation, the download of programs, voice over IP (VoIP) for the telephony on IP.

The cost, for the private ones, this type of connection, to forfait without traffic limitations, is equiparabile to that one of an ADSL and is quantified in 29,00 ?/mese.

For the users of business type, beyond to this tipologia, contracts with personalized band are previewed also others.

Independently from the several contractual tipologie, on all the flows of traffic it has been set up a "Quality of Service (QoS)" in order to preprefer traffics to high priority which VoIP, VPN, remote sessions (ssh, telnet, Microsoft® Terminal Serveur, VNC) and traffic web.

What is necessary to have in order to be caught up from the service? While in the case of a connection ADSL it is necessary to acquire router an ADSL, in this case, it is necessary to acquire an apparatus, called "Connect Box" from the little advanced cost to that one of router a quantifiable ADSL and in 180,00 ?.

This "Connect Box", light more small than one scato it from shoes, goes placed to the outside of the building of the customer and headed roughly for the antenna they centers.

From this "Connect Box" fuoriesce an only cable Ethernet RJ-45 that it supplies is the feeding (power over ethernet) to the "Connect Box" is door in house the connettività of net second the outline under.

Outline of connection for single customer (animation in Flash).

Source: - Copyright © Micso S.r.l. 2005


On the cable that comes down from "Connect Box" is possible therefore to directly attack personal a computer for navigation or one swicth to which connecting more computer in order to share the band.

Cover of the service

As far as the connections wireless of the ridge in order to carry the Internet band in the case common possegga a already locally connettività of type HDSL cannot be realized one or more drafts also than beyond 10 Km in technology wireless HiperLan or WiFi (802.11a).

For the distribution to the final customer, irradiated in technology WiFi (802.11a), from tests carried out, in a beam of 300 meters from the distribution antenna not there e' need of of requirement of the optical visibility of of the tracking in how much, in this beam, marks them is so good to allow link stable to beyond 4 Mbps also without visibility.

Beyond such beam drafts of beyond 2 Km succeeding maintaining one advanced bandwidth to the Mbps can be created.

Points of force.

The proposed solution encloses all one series of force points a lot meant to you.

Symmetrical band 1280/1280.

Normally the connettività of type ADSL has a not symmetrical relationship between the band in income (download) and the band in escape (upload). "To" of ADSL it is exactly to indicate "asymmetric". Therefore, while the band in download is usually attested on 1,2 or 4 Mbps, that one in upload is remarkablly more to the 256 lowland and Kbps is attested around. Therefore, in the case of it sendes of material, which shipment of e-mail, upload of situated rows on ftp and other, the band available on circuit ADSL is remarkablly more lowland.

Inasmuch as this plan is based completely on symmetrical drafts of connettività is in a position to offering a symmetrical band to the final customer of 1280 is in download but also in upload.

Public and static IP address.

All the "Connect Box" have a static IP address and this allows, as an example, of having a positioning elevated in the programs of rows sharing, allows to use services of Voice Over IP (VoIP) without some problem and to carry out therefore telephone calls through Internet.

No economic burden for the common one.

This makes that the common one is invogliato to propose and to offer such service and accelerates therefore the realization of the service in order to catch up in short time the final customer.

Impact acclimatizes them and aesthetic practically null.

The very small dimensions of the antennas and the semplicità of assembly allow to solutions of installation also in atmospheres to high aesthetic content which the historical centers.

As far as the impact it acclimatizes them, the adopted solution, being according to the law emits to the maximum 1 watt of marks them to the escape from the antenna and, considering that this is the same power emitted from a cellular GSM in function and held account that the power diminishes with the square of the distance and that the cellular one finds, of usual to little cm from our brain while the antenna finds always much more distant, it is understood well that the impact to level of electromagnetic waves is practically nonexistent and overwhelmed from the other apparatuses commonly it installs in one house to you (systems electrical workers, televisions, cellular).

Cetralized solution for condomini.

Although the cost and the visual impact of the "Connect Box" are minimal, in the case of a condominio it turns out obvious that it is not an ideal solution in how much forces all the families to equip itself and to install the same antenna.

E' for that, for this tipologia of user, a cetralized "solution has been previewed" that it previews I use it of a single "Connect Box" for the access to the distribution network.

Outline for condominiale cetralized solution (animation in Flash).

Source: - Copyright © Micso S.r.l. 2005

Obviously, in this case, in order to avoid of having all the computers of the condominio in the same local net and in order to avoid to let out all with a single IP address, and to the aim to supply, to every single family, the same type of service that it would have with the purchase of the single "Connect Box", have joined a small router of the cost of 65,00 ? that it comes on one side connected to the LAN of the "Connect Box" and from the other to the LAN of the single family.

With this every solution family has a different public IP address and is separated from the net of the other families so as to to avoid also problems of emergency and privacy.

It exists moreover, with this solution, a discouragement of the costs in as far as forehead of n "Connect Box" of the cost of 180,00 ? is acquired a single "Connect Box" to condominiale level and n router to 65,00 ?.

As an example, in the case of 10 families of the same one condominio it would be had, in the first case, one spold the 1800,00 ?, in the proposed solution, one spold of 830,00 ?.

Independence from the telephone subscriber loop.

Obviously this solution is completely independent from the presence or less than a telephone subscriber loop Telecom. For which its commercialization also in areas enslaved from ADSL for the users is thinkable one that they want to eliminate canone the Telecom and to remove the telephone line in order to pass, as an example, to a service of type Voice over IP.

As an example, the first net of test of this service has been made in the common one of Pescara and supplied connettività to one ten of caught up families,, from an antenna mails on the roof of our center.

How to make to arrive this service to house yours?

Ways are several in order to make to activate this service in your zone in the short possible time.

The first way is that one to inform and to activate your public administration approximately this service. In these pages the public administration can find all the information detailed relative to this service.

Moreover you can be recorded and make to record the other interested customers of your zone through this module of preadhesion. Obviously no I debit and no tie is previewed from the completion of this module but servants simply to we in order to identify the areas currently more interested to the service and therefore in order to move to us preventively on these areas with the relative communal administrations. In fact, if it is true that no cost has had from part of the agency is also true that, for obvious economic reasons, we will go ourselves to move with greater priority in those zones in which already there is a number of adhesions and therefore of "sure" customers predetermined.

Finally, if you think that this service is truly innovative and wants makes you loaded with being our representative on your territory, you can contact to us and become our partner on the territory facilitating us cosi in the interfacciamento with your common one and in the finding of the minimal number of preadhesions to the aim to begin the implementing part of this plan on your territory.

Coded name: Wanda.

A famous one of color before concluding. When this plan was still in embryonic phase, one of the planners had proposed like name trades them for the product "Wanda". From this "coded" name was been born all a winning series of slogan truly type "Alice you does not give? Not preoccuparti, there is Wanda that you it gives... but what you have understood... the band!!!" or "Wanda, from the sky you sends!!!" or the Italian "Wanda, faster than one Panda".

Obviously when the thing is last in hand to trades them the proposal has been rejected in too much frivolous judged how much and the name that has been given to the product trades them has been that one of WADSL.

For which, if you are interested in some measure to this product, you can find all the not contained information in this document, on the situated one of reference

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