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Soluzione integrata di telefonia su internet a banda larga.
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Erotica ' 96 - Report of a travel in the eros

These pages report my participation to EROTICA Tour edition 1996.

My participation has happened in the period during I was a "system administrator" of an internet service provider in Teramo and by collaborating with a journalist, university professor, and director of the journal Sixth Sense.

But instead speaking, I prefer to make to speak the young stelline about tour of EROTICA interviewed during the innauguration press conference of the tour in Silvi Marina (TE) o. casset.gif (258 byte)
Like, other botta to the coronary ones, we give a glance to the pornostar that they have made strip integral in front of our stands with our poor QuickCam. wpe1A.jpg (1264 byte)

We give a look to the photographic album of our participation to Erotica Tour and discover who has been made to immortalare from our objective.

wpe1C.jpg (1140 byte)
Photographic album
And, in order to conclude, a glance to the photos and the dedications that the pornostar they have intentional to dedicate to us. smile_con_lingua.gif (238 byte)
Photo with dedications
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