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Soluzione integrata di telefonia su internet a banda larga.
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Business::BancaSella::Decode - Parent class for the decoding uri system


For GestPay payment system use something like:

  use Business::BancaSella::Decode;
  my $enc = new Business::BancaSella::Decode(type=>'gestpay',...);

See Business::BancaSella::Decode::Gestpay for other informations.

For Gateway payment system use something like:

  use Business::BancaSella::Decode;
  my $enc = new Business::BancaSella::Decode(type=>'gateway',...);

See Business::BancaSella::Decode::Gateway for other informations.


Implements different Banca Sella system payment. Currently supported ``GestPay'' online system payment and ``Gateway compatibility'' online payment. Version minor 0.06 supports the old ``Gateway'' online system payment dismetted in Dicember 2001 because it doesn't support EURO currency.


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