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Business::BancaSella::Encode::Gestpay - Uri creator for GestPay online system payment.


  use CGI;
  use Business::BancaSella::Encode;

  my $cgi       = new CGI();     
  my $bs        = new Business::BancaSella::Encode::Gestpay( 
                    shopping    => $your_shopping_id,
                    amount      => $the_amount,
                    language    => 'italian',
                    currency    => 'itl',
                    otp         => 'another_otp',
                    id          => 'internal_id'

  my $bsUrl     = $bs->uri;
  print $cgi->redirect($bsUrl);


Extending Business::BancaSella::GestPay abstract class it creates uri that passed to Banca Sella online payment site permit to open credit cards checker page with correct language, currency and amount. It can manage also locally the request of credit card information using Banca Sella only for check if the credit card infos are valid and the transaction can be committed.



Create a new istance of Business::BancaSella::Encode::Gestpay object.

If you wish to use Banca Sella system for getting credit cards informations, the required parameter needed to initialized the object are: amount,shopping,otp,id (with default language in english and amount expressed in EURO currency.).

If you wish to use BancaSella system only for check the credit cards information saved in your local pages, you must initialize also: cardnumber,expmonth,expyear.

See Business::BancaSella::Gestpay for more information about this properties.


Return the formatted uri to call the Banca Sella's page passing it all value needed to complete the payment process.


Return a form html code named ``frmName'' ready, with a submitted button, to call a Banca Sella's page for completing the payment process.


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