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Soluzione integrata di telefonia su internet a banda larga.
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Revision history for Perl extension Business::BancaSella.

0.12 (2003-07-24)
- Changed Makefile.PL to check required modules.
- Correct a problem while encoding Gestpay parameters
- For Gestpay module we added possibility to define an hash of user personalized
key => value that it can be processed by Banca Sella as defined in the control 
panel of Banca Sella profile manager.

0.11 (2002-01-17)
- Removed library Class::MethodMaker from all classes. Now Class:MethodMaker 
is neither required nor optional library.
- Changes library directory structure sorces to use CPAN standard structure.
- Added Business::BancaSella::Ric::FileFast and 
Business::BancaSella::Ris::FileFast classes to use Ric and Ris ascii file
alphabetically sorted to improve key search and extract. This classes are 
written by Marco Gazerro, Mauro Fedele. This classes implements
a method "prepare" that create sorted ascii files from standand Banca Sella
ascii files (those used by Business::BancaSella::Ri*::File).
- Created test files for Business::BancaSella::Ri*::FileFast.
- Added prepare method to Business::BancaSella::Ri*::File that...don't do 
nothing :). Set it only for interface compatibility
- Added extract method to Business::BancaSella::Ris::File that check password
and return false if not found, else remove password from OTP file.
- Added prepare method to Business::BancaSella::Ri*::Mysql that appends otp
available in an ascii file into mysql table.
- Added extract method to Business::BancaSella::Ris::Mysql that check password
and return false if not found, else remove password from OTP file.
- Added documentation for Business::BancaSella::Ri*::FileFast.
- Business::BancaSella::Ris::Mysql don't return an error if trying to remove
an unexistent otp. Added raise error.
- Error calculating boolean method "result" in 
- Business::BancaSella::Ric::File use the same algoritm for extract method than
- Business::BancaSella::Ris::File now use lock file when deleting ris password.

0.10 (2002-01-08)
- First CPAN available module.
- According to CPAN namespace structure changed module namespace to
- In the compatibility Gateway system amount must be set in EURO not in italian
Lire. Change documentation and testing code.
- Added and enlarged documentation.

0.09 (2002-01-02)
- Business::BancaSella::Ris::Mysql and Business::BancaSella::Ric::Mysql uses 
selectrow_arrayref to extract OTP. But this method doesn't exist in older
DBI library version. Now uses selectrow_array.
- Decode_Gestpay.t failed to compile because use an old interface. Resync
code with new interface.
- Added Business::BancaSella::Gateway, Business::BancaSella::Encode::Gateway 
Business::BancaSella::Decode::Gateway for the Gateway compatibility online payment
- Added documentation for all modules.

0.08 (2001-12-26)
- Added Business::BancaSella::Ric::Mysql and Business::BancaSella::Ris::Mysql modules.

0.07 (2001-12-17)
- Make some clean in dir stricture of project.
- Delete Gateway class because Banca Sella will dismiss support for this payment
system owing to the fact that it doesn't support EURO currency.

0.06 (2001-07-19)
- Added optional credit card infos send to Banca Sella in the case webmaster 
want to acquire credit card infos in his web site and send this infos to
Banca Sella only for check them.

0.05 (2001-07-18)
- Added Business::BancaSella::Ris::File e Business::BancaSella::Ric::File library
and related tests.
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