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VideoEmbedding - A text filter to use BBCode-like tag to include external video.


To include MySpace video with id: 33634079


To include YouTube video with id: fn3rbKd47IY


To include Google video with id: -1297655380651175550


To include Vimeo video with id: 736158


To include you local video using JW FLV Media Player located at /my_videos/diamond_video.flv

 [mp height="480" width="320" mp_path="/plugins/"]/my_videos/diamond_video.flv[/mp]

where mp_path is the web path where swfobject.js and mediaplayer.swf are located.

To include video with id: 1006787



  1. Download the zip or tar.gz file and upload the contents of the 'plugins' folder to the 'plugins' directory of your MT installation. As an alternative, you can install a development version of this plugin directly from its SVN location. Change to the 'plugins' directory and install the plug from SVN
      svn co MTVideoEmbedding


  1. Write a new blog entry.
  2. In ``Format'' combo, switch format to ``Video''
  3. Append your favorite video as [yt]fn3rbKd47IY[/yt]
  4. Optional you can continue to edit your page in ``Rich Text'' mode. The ``yt'' tag will be substituted with embedded code.
  5. Save and view page.


  • 2.30 (2009-01-10)

    Support for JW FLV mediaplayer had problems when more that one video had shown in the same page.

    In support for JW FLV mediaplayer width and height parameter were reversed.

  • 2.20 (2008-10-06)

    Add support for video

  • 2.10 (2008-07-15)

    Add support for JW FLV mediaplayer (

  • 2.02 (2008-05-28)

    Minor changes and add some documentation

  • 2.01 (2008-05-27)

    Implementing standard MT plugin interface.

  • 2.00 (2008-05-26)

    Modified by Emiliano Bruni to optimize regex code and implementing other video hosting services (vimeo, myspace, etc.)

  • 1.03

    Modified by David Wees

  • 1.02 (2004)

    Created by Crys Clouse;


Emiliano Bruni <>

Original code: Crys Clouse <>


Copyright (c) 2008/2009 - Emiliano Bruni <>

        This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
  (at your option) any later version.
  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  GNU General Public License for more details.
  To received a copy of the GNU General Public License
  see <>;.
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1.jeremy il 2008-12-01 06:03:56 ha scritto:

What if I need to post more than one video on a Page or Entry? It appears to only load one when using the JW FLV player [mp] code... how do I place multiple videos on the same page, please?

2.Emiliano Bruni il 2008-12-01 09:43:57 ha scritto:

Do you have an example page where problem appears?

3.jeremy il 2008-12-07 03:56:33 ha scritto:

I figured it out -- it only shows the first video as it appears the code on the page is set to use the same div ID. I ended up entering the

4.jeremy il 2008-12-10 06:01:54 ha scritto:

Here is an idea I came up with today: why not put the MT Entry ID as the DIV ID, then every video/player would be unique to each post? div id="player{MTEntryID}" should do the trick. Then when more than one entry is displayed on a page/archive/etc it will work with all of them, yes?

5.Emiliano Bruni il 2008-12-10 07:29:33 ha scritto:

Don't worry. As soon as possible (probabily next week) I distribute a version without this problem.
Thanks in advance

6.jeremy il 2009-01-09 18:17:06 ha scritto:

Greeatings Emiliano
Any news on an update for your plugin yet? Just curious.

7.Emiliano Bruni il 2009-01-10 23:27:25 ha scritto:

Sorry jeremy for delay. In my mind I was sure to have change this component for your problem. When I read your comment I had to go and see the code to see that I have not actually done anything.
Now I distributed a new version (02.30) that should solve the DIV ID problem in JW FLV player.
Tell me if you have other problems.

8.jeremy il 2009-01-30 20:59:30 ha scritto:

Excellent. It works now as I would expect. Thank you!!
For my purposes it works even better to write the code as:
my $id = "mplayer" . "_$ctime";
and then add a class to the div for consistent styling of all video player elements:

Very nice!

9.MRN il 2009-03-25 19:52:12 ha scritto:

Here are the paths for my setup:



The [yt] tag works for me just fine, but the [mp] tag (version 2.30) does nothing but display "You don't have Flash player enabled."

The code in the entry is as follows:
[mp height="480" width="320" mp_path="/plugins/"]/video/testvideo.flv[/mp]

What am I doing wrong?

10.Dr. Ritalin il 2009-03-29 11:30:57 ha scritto:

Hi. THX for the useful plugin.
I am wondering whether it works with dynamic publishing?

11.Dr. Ritalin il 2009-04-11 07:07:34 ha scritto:

Is there anybody?

12.Emiliano Bruni il 2009-04-11 16:24:09 ha scritto:

Yes, I'm here :-D

What do you mean with "dynamic publishing"?

13.Dr. Ritalin il 2009-04-19 20:41:35 ha scritto:

Dynamic Publishing means this:


14.jeremy Wilker il 2009-06-11 20:26:35 ha scritto:

Hi again-
I still think it would work best to use the EntryID instead of the $ctime for local video files. Every entry is always unique, but I am somehow getting the same timestamp on multiple entries when rebuilding using 2.3 of your plugin. Is this possible?

15.Paul il 2009-06-17 04:21:24 ha scritto:

Hi There! I have installed the fle where I was told, but it does not show up in my plugins page in the admn section of MT nor does it appear in the FORMAT pulldown section when entering a new post.

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