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SQLEdit Field properties.

In this tab you can set various properties of the fields.

This item set the label field value to a different value from database column name. Can be obtain in the template by field.label variable

It determines the element type of the form to show.

It sets up the way in which the user can interact with the field.

Field is an auto-incremental element and so, it will be showed in read-only mode when admin is off.

Field will be hidden when admin is off.

Field will be showed in read-only mode

Field will be showed in normal mode and user can edit its value

Field is required and use can not leave it empty.

This configures the default field value when user tries to add a new record. You can use WebGUI macros to configure this field. As an example, if this parameter is set to ^User(userId); this field will be initialized with the userId of the user that are adding a new record.

Possible values
It configures possible values for field. Possible values must be added one for row. If row have a string, this is used as key and as values for field. If row is an associative item the first item will be used as key (this will be saved in database), the second item will be used as value (this will be showed to user). It's possible to use WebGUI macros but it's important that macro will return a value for row as "key1 => value1\n" or "key1\n".  As an example, you can use ^SQL("select * from users","^0; => ^1;\n"); to show a list of current WebGUI users.

Possible values will be showed
It determines in which ordering the list of the possible parameters will be visualized.

Null value
This parameter determines what value SQLEdit must interpreter as NULL database value. This parameter is meaningless if database field is not nullable.

Select a template for your field. This parameter is meaningless if the global template of SQLEdit element don't use the <TMPL_VAR name="form.fields.template"> but the <TMPL_LOOP name="fields_loop"> loop to render form fields.

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